Headaches & Migraines

Chiropractic Care for Headaches and Migraines

Headache pain is an unfortunate reality for millions of people around the world. In fact, almost one-half of the world's adult population experienced at least one headache in the past year. Tension headaches and migraine headaches can drastically reduce your productivity and your quality of life. If you seek safe, effective treatment for your symptoms instead of the quick fixes offered by drugs, chiropractic care at Stern Chiropractic Clinic in Pensacola could be just what the doctor ordered.


Understanding Headache and Migraine Issues

When most people think of headaches, they're thinking of the common tension headache. The tension in question involves muscular tension in the neck. Neck muscles that go into spasm can pull on membranes that generate pain signals in the head. Even if you aren't under any emotional strain, your neck muscles could be chronically tense due to a misalignment between your skull and your upper cervical vertebrae.

Migraines involve more than just a terrible headache. They also produce symptoms such as nausea, light and sound sensitivity, faintness, ringing in the ears, and vision issues. Many exterior triggers can set off migraine attacks, from foods and hormonal imbalances to flashing lights. The underlying mechanism is less clear, but it appears that nerve dysfunction causes abnormal dilation of blood vessels in the head.

Natural Treatments That Get Results

Whether you suffer from chronic tension headaches or debilitating migraines, you've probably found that medication can only provide temporary relief without addressing the underlying causes of your symptoms. Chiropractic care offers a more effective treatment option. Our chiropractor can examine your cervical spinal alignment to catch any small imbalances that might keep your neck muscles in a state of constant stress. Gentle adjustments to this area can straighten out these imbalances, allowing your neck muscles to relax.

Chiropractic treatment can also cut the frequency of migraine attacks in half while reducing the severity of symptoms. The same adjustments that can ease neck tension may also relieve pressure on the nerves that control blood vessel function, preventing the abnormal changes that produce migraines. Our chiropractor can also discuss and prescribe other forms of natural pain relief such as massage therapy and lifestyle modifications to help you gain better control over your headaches and migraines.

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