• drstern
    Dr. Jason Stern, DC

    Dr. Jason Stern has been helping patients out of pain and back to life since 2005. He is committed to his patient's wellbeing by promoting chiropractic healthcare. Dr. Stern uses a 'whole body approach', meaning he looks for underlying causes of his patient's pain. Musculoskeletal pain, sometimes easily recognizable and sometimes not musculoskeletal pain has many origins. When it comes to the vertebral column the bones and joints of the spine can become stuck or fixated. Their normal motion may become limited or reduced, causing swelling and pain. The supporting soft tissue structures of the spine; muscles, ligaments, and tendons, can become swollen, irritated, and fibrotic. This can all have a negative effect on spinal nerves causing pinched nerve symptoms. The same can happen to the joints and supporting soft tissue of the extremities. Mechanical disturbances in regions of non-pain can cause referred pain to other regions. Therefore, finding the cause and not just treating the symptoms is Dr. Stern's purpose when he treats his patients.